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MWHA Board Members:

President - Joe Bass, Vice President - Chad Hayes, Treasurer - Pam Madigan

Joe Bass, Chad Hayes, Anastasia Blesener, Ed Kasanders, Pam Madigan, Mark Madigan, Andy Knauer

Committee Volunteers
Park/Picnic Committee Volunteers: Melissa Miller-Hayes, Julie Bray, Pat Horkan
Boat Launch Committee Volunteers: Greg Blesener, Ron Kroner, Rick Mueller, Mike Beich, Ric Mueller
Architectural Review Committee Volunteers: Chad Hayes, Ed Kasanders, Alex Dewitt, Roland Bruhnke, Andy Knauer

Additional volunteers are welcome (MWHA lot owners & residents on Allan Rd.)



We are a residential home owners association located on the East end of Lake Wisconsin, Columbia County, Wisconsin. Enjoy year round fun and recreation! All lots have access to Lake Wisconsin / Wisconsin River via the boat landing and park on Lot 7 owned by the Many Waters Homeowners Association.

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